Snape - 6th October 2017

Work will continue through the summer on a project at Snape in 6-9th October 2017. It will be an installation of a space connecting South America to Suffolk for the Flipside Festival. It will be interactive and engaging and full maquettes and drawings will be published shortly.

Launch of Master Classes at Letheringham Studios

On the 26th March 2016, the first Masterclass was held at Letheringham Studios,

Designed for practising or trained sculptors, they aim to provide inspiration, collaboration and shared learning.

We shall be inviting guest sculptors to present further masterclasses. A provisional list includes:

  • Material masterclasses for practising sculptors: to including materials such as adaptive plastics, new metal clays, advanced glass casting techniques and Jesmonite developments.
  • Technology masterclasses for Including the latest technologies in contemporary sculpture: to include overview and practical use of the raspberry pi, an arduino, a plethora of sound cards and IMUs.
  • Masterclass on how traditional metal casting can be used in contemporary sculpture: including bronze, pewter and aluminium. Practical use of high temperature rubbers will be shown.

If you would like to come forward as a potential masterclass presenter or are interested in coming on one of the masterclasses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The first ones will be more prototype in nature in order to assess suitability of materials and what people are most drawn to.

Using new technology paper clays with specialist hardness enables sculptors to make and retain work without recourse to mould making. This enables experimentation with form and tools.




Freeform plaster maquette-making has proven very popular. Existing plaster fragments are created in advance and using armature wire and wet plaster assembled into experimental forms.